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The New Illusions (2015) album was released on Oct 11th, 2015. You can get them on all digital media : Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play.
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SUBHA is a songwriter, music composer and arranger. He creates outlandish drum loops and sequences of sounds that are of ethereal and ambient in nature.

He is The One Man Band. His first music album was ILLUSIONS released in 1997. Followed by GOLDEN LIGHTS in 2009. His current album THE NEW ILLUSIONS features 20 original song tracks. The genre for each track is unique and spans across the spectrum.

The artist has been influenced by music of ENIGMA, YANNI, SADE, KEIKO MATSUI, LOREENA MCKENNITT, CHRIS SPHEERIS, ABOVE&BEYOND, and Music of the 80's, and some influencial Bollywood Music makers - Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and A.R.Rahman.

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Illusions (1997)


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Subha's music GOLDEN LIGHTS has been featured as one of the emerging Artists on COAST TO COAST AM Radio Show hosted by GEORGE NOORY. Subha has been featured along with other artists Thomas Sparks, Randy Wallace, Lily Sparks, John Cobb, Susan Baily Smith and Lair Morgan.


The clip that was briefly played was Venus Power. The show was aired on March 7th, 2010. The Link to the show is under Contact/Links Tab.


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THE NEW ILLUSIONS (2015) is the current latest music release featuring 20 original music tracks. The music style encompasses ambient sounds, with elements of new age ethereal catchy tunes with groovy percussions.

TRACK LIST with Genre(s)

1. A New Journey - Genre : Ambient Electronic Chill-Out
2. Fireflies Bailamos - Genre: Acoustic Ambient Electronica
3. Innocent Pleasures (Tribal Mix) - Genre: New Age World Pop
4. Dusk To Dawn Redux - Genre: Trance, Ambient Electronica
5. Vanishing Veils - Genre : New Age Ethereal Synth Pop
6. Shy Girl From Tahiti (LA Mix) - Genre : Acoustic Pop New Age
7. Alone By The Sea (Pacific Mix) - Genre: New Age World Fusion
8. Metropolis - Genre: Synth Pop
9. Street Musicians (French Edition) - Genre: Arabic Pop Synth World Fusion
10. The Enchanted Forest - Genre : World Synth Fusion
11. Night Falls In New Orleans - Genre: World Acoustic New Age
12. The French Magician - Genre : World Pop Synth Fusion
13. The Sicilian Bride - Genre : Synth Orchestral Ambient Pop
14. Mystic Mandala - Genre : World Celtic Acoustic New Age
15. Savannah - Genre : Western Pop Acoustic Fusion
16. The New Illusions - Genre : New Age Synth Pop
17. Elevator To Ecstasy - Genre: New Age Ambient Ethereal
18. Eternal Memories - Genre: World Pop Acoustic Fusion
19. Legend Of Anatolia - Genre: World Pop Acoustic Flamenco Fusion
20. Rapture (featuring voices of Neeharika and Sira) - Genre: World Synth Pop Ambient


GOLDEN LIGHTS was released in September 2009. It features 11 original tracks. The genre ranges from Funk, Ambient, Acoustic, Orchestral and Latin. The track list are Venus Power, Broadway And Beyond, Awakening Daffodils, Golden Lights, The Rain Storm, Heart Beats, Sax Blues, Street Musicians -intro, Street Musicians - encore, Café Amor and Cruising Through Clouds.

The music style is mainly acoustic with a touch of jazz and world elements.


ILLUSIONS was released in October 1997. This is the 1st music album by the artist. Some of the tracks were aired on independant radio stations across the US and were on the active playlist for months. The Neverending Journey was on the playlist in a Washington D.C. radio (non commercial) station. This track is recent re-released in The New Illusions album titled A New Journey.

Track list - Alone By The Sea, Life Is An Illusion, The Neverending Journey, Innocent Pleasures, Manhattan Rush Hour, Shy Girl From Tahiti, A Few Erotic Essentials, Dusk To Dawn, Nightfall In New Orleans and Haunting Memories.


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